Drug gangs included in beneficiaries of Colombia peace deal: report

Supporters wave flags with the logo of the new political party that grew out of the former FARC rebel group following its disarmament, in Bogota on September 1, 2017 (AFP Photo/Raul Arboleda) (AFP/File)

Bogota (AFP) - Colombian media reported Sunday that 25 drug traffickers wanted by US authorities had tried to slip through the hands of the courts under a peace accord with FARC rebels.

The jailed traffickers were on a list handed over by the force, of people allowed to benefit from special alternative sentences under the accord, Colombian newspaper El Tiempo reported.

It quoted government peace commissioner Rodrigo Rivera as saying that any FARC member found to have helped drug traffickers get on the list would lose his benefits under the accord.

A FARC representative declined requests for comment.

The FARC disarmed last month under the peace accord, after a half-century armed campaign financed by drug trafficking and extortion.