'Drunk' lorry driver falls out of cab onto motorway lane near Coventry

Lizzie Dearden
The man had fallen out of the cab of his lorry (pictured) on the M6 near Coventry: Warwickshire Police/Facebook

A “drunk” lorry driver fell out of his vehicle's cab and was found lying in a motorway lane, police have said.

The incident caused the M6 to be temporarily closed at junction two, in Coventry, on Saturday.

Warwickshire Police said concerned members of the public initially reported the man to be in cardiac arrest as he lay in lane one of the northbound carriageway.

“Occasionally even we are shocked by what we see,” the force’s Operational Patrol Unit wrote on Facebook.

“It quickly became clear he wasn't in cardiac arrest. He was actually so drunk he couldn't stand up. Absolutely beggars belief.”

Several ambulances had been sent to the scene and the motorway had to be closed during the response.

The man was found to be almost three times over the legal alcohol limit for driving.

He has been remanded in custody ahead of a court appearance on Monday.

A woman who was driving on the M6 during the incident described seeing multiple police vehicles and ambulances “flying past” on Saturday evening.

“I have to commend the emergency services for how fast they reacted and for how quickly the motorway was opened once again,” she added.