Drunk Woman Dances Irish Jig For Sobriety Test

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Drunk Woman Dances Irish Jig For Sobriety Test
Drunk Woman Dances Irish Jig For Sobriety Test

A sudden rear ending ultimately resulted in a 38-year-old Florida woman dancing an Irish jig for police officers to prove she wasn’t drunk. This proves yet again that Florida is one of the weirdest states in the union and that the legendary Florida Woman is starting to give Florida Man a run for his money.

A drunk driver breaks her fingernail and doesn’t care about hitting another car.

Surprisingly, this obviously drunk Florida woman isn’t behind the wheel of a Dodge Charger while terrorizing the populace and rear ending Nissan Altimas but instead is in a Camaro of all things. Bet you didn’t see that twist coming.

But another plot twist comes right after that as the woman just volunteers that the accident was her fault. Boy, that makes the officers’ jobs a lot easier, at least until a slick, fast-talking attorney gets involved and spins things like a regular Saul Goodman.

Still, we know attorneys say to never, ever admit fault after an accident. Just state facts, don’t get emotional, etc. This woman breaks all those rules. Alcohol can make for loose lips, etc.

Hilariously, this woman acts absolutely shocked when an officer asks for her phone number. She obviously thinks the guy’s hitting on her. The poor cop is just trying to gather information for the report he has to fill out later, but she’s making it all about how he’s into her.

Even with how cooperative this woman is, she claims to not be under the influence of anything. But most people would agree there’s something very off about her. She talks in circles, doesn’t remember what she said/did moments before, and in general acts like she’s not totally with it.

To prove she’s not drunk, this woman doesn’t just submit to the standard field sobriety tests. In addition, she voluntarily dances an Irish jig. At least we think that’s what she’s trying to do but we’re not Irish dance experts. Still, it doesn’t look at that well executed, so perhaps that does, in fact, prove she’s under the influence?

It’s obvious this woman thinks flirting with the male cops will somehow mean she’s let off easy. But that’s when a brusque female officer steps in and puts and end to the show, cuffing our suspect. We wonder why none of the other cops stepped in to stop this lady.

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