Dry and comfy through the night.

How’s the weather looking for your Thursday? Get the latest Maine’s Total Weather video forecast from Chief Meteorologist Roger Griswold.

Video Transcript


ROGER GRISWOLD: Thanks for checking in with Maine's Total Weather here on a Thursday evening. Another comfortable night out there, with just a couple of scattered clouds. Otherwise, mainly clear conditions expected through the night. And, you know, tomorrow looking to be another good day. Nice way to finish out the workweek, sunshine expected. And temperatures once again climbing to near 60 in Portland, but closer to 70 across inland areas.

High pressure is stretched out along the New England coastline down along the mid-Atlantic. There is a storm system off to our west. You can see this big swirl in the atmosphere. But this is going to be very slow in moving east. In fact, it won't be until late in the weekend. And at that point, it's just going to bring some cloudiness here. So Storm Tracker through the overnight just showing some partly cloudy skies. And there's your sunshine tomorrow. Really looking good. A few fair weather clouds will dot the afternoon sky across the interior.

Overnight lows tonight, 41 in Bethel, 43 in Portland. Some 30s out there, and there may be some patchy ground fog developing. And then high temperatures tomorrow. 62 in Portland. But then a sea breeze develops, knocks the numbers back down into the 50s. Same story Kittery, Wiscasset, and Rockland. But look at these inland areas. Mid 60s Wyndham, Auburn. Augusta at 67, and a nudge at 70 for Fryeburg. Bethel and Farmington only one degree behind that. Here's a check of the next eight days. Clouds return on Sunday. A chance for showers by late in the weekend.