Dry, Hot & Humid Now - Heavy Rain Friday

Above seasonal average temperatures of 91-95 degrees through Thursday. The Heat Index (Feels Like Temps) reaches 98-107°. Dewpoints hold steady in the mid 70s. A 20% chance for rain and storms today, and a 30% chance for Thursday. The caveat, a chance for us to dry out, and local rivers, creeks and streams a chance to recede -- you would think! Widespread rainfall returns Friday -- to the tune of .50- 3.00" inches. Localized flooding potential for low lying areas and of the Pearl River near from minor up to moderate flooding into Saturday. Lower portions of the Pearl to have the same impact -- from minor to major flooding on Tuesday of next week. That's right, rain is expected to to expand from today's 20% to 60% in the next few days as we transition to a wet weather pattern and a new month -- of this hurricane season.