Dua Lipa's Booty And Abs Are Straight 🔥 In Thong Bodysuits On IG

Dua Lipa's Booty And Abs Are Straight 🔥 In Thong Bodysuits On IG
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  • Dua Lipa is a total Core Queen and she has the photos to prove it.

  • The singer, 27, just dropped several posts on Instagram, showing off her ultra-toned abs and booty while posing in various bodysuits on stage.

  • Dua focuses on getting in a little sweat sesh whenever she has time, even if it's just a quick HIIT workout.

Everyone knows that Dua Lipa has impeccable taste. From her pop bangers to her glittering on-stage ensembles, the girl knows how to put a verified "lewk" together. And those outfits always seem to perfectly highlight the singer's totally toned body, from her core to her booty.

This is all to say, Dua has been totally slaying it lately. She treated fans in Mexico to an array of outfits, including a sheer sparkling jumpsuit that shows off her super-toned booty. Then, at Firefly Music Festival in Delware, Dua rocked a black one-piece with a cut-out that revealed her rock-hard abs. All that dancing and touring sure has made her super strong!

The fire emojis her friends and fans left all over her posts were too many to count. "Best, one and only 👑," one person wrote. And another fan captured what everyone is thinking: "I love 💕 you DUA."

There's this one:

And this one:

Oh, and ICYMI, it looks like Dua might be adding another gem to her crown after the star was spotted smooching late-night TV host and comedian Trevor Noah this week. Dua, 27, and Trevor, 38, hit Manhattan for dinner and a mid-street smooch.

While neither party has commented on the date heard ‘round the world, I will be keeping my eyes and ears open for any updates.

Meanwhile, Dua has been performing on stages across the globe, putting her epic looks and strong booty on full display. Dua has a solid workout routine that keeps her ready to rock the stages. For one, she’s a big fan of yoga as evidenced by this impressive handstand:

Being the busy bee that she is, Dua told Viva in 2018 that she tries to “work out as much as I can.” She tries to her workout in as soon as she wakes up and told Refinery29 that “getting physical really starts my day off right.” That can include yoga, Pilates, strength training, and HIIT workouts.

She's also been into early morning Zoom sculpt classes led by her friend, Ella Jenkin, per Cosmopolitan.

Sora Connor, who has been Dua’s trainer for the last three years, gave Women’s Health the scoop on Dua’s routine. “We always work the entire body,” Sora said. “Sometimes it's more core-focused, other times its glutes. The main objective is to work the muscles so that they become strong and toned but the focus is on creating a long, lean line.”

I’d say mission accomplished on that one, because it does not get much stronger than Dua. Stay tuned as I stake out all the hip sites in the East Village for more Tr-Ua sightings.

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