Dubai-based pet taxi chauffeurs furry friends

STORY: Does your dog need a ride to the vet?

Location: Dubai, UAE

This taxi chauffeurs pets around Dubai, with or without their owners

Shweta Bhatia runs the around-the-clock service

driving pets to daycare, the vet or any other destination

[Shweta Bhatia, Owner of ‘Smile for Tails’]

"It makes me very very happy because I am a pet enthusiast and I believe that I get along with them very easily, they are very comfortable when they are with me and the day the service came into existence till today, it gives me an immense pleasure, helping and assisting a lot of pet parents, a lot of pet clients and their fur kids."

Bhatia soon hopes to expand her fleet beyond one car

especially since other taxi services in Dubai generally do not allow animals

[Gazala Anwar, Customer]

"‘Smile for Tail’ is doing a big favor for parents who don't drive or who don't have any other option and they can take their (pets) wherever they want to take them. So that is how it is happening with us."