Dueling voting protests converge in Philadelphia

Supporters of Joe Biden have rallied around the slogan to "count every vote," believing a complete tally would show the Democratic former vice president had beaten Republican President Donald Trump.

Ardent Trump backers have countered with cries to "protect the vote" in support of his campaign's efforts to have some categories of ballots, including some votes submitted by mail, discarded.

Both factions appeared outside a vote-counting center in Philadelphia on Thursday morning, where election staff steadily worked through a mountain of still-uncounted mail-in ballots that will determine whether Biden or Trump will take Pennsylvania's crucial 20 Electoral College votes.

Video Transcript



- Say it!

- Count every vote!

- Louder!

- Count every vote!

- I want folks to know that processing of the ballots has restarted.


I was just inside the area to ensure-- to watch what was happening, and there is no reason to worry. I want America to know that Philly has got this!


- Count every vote! Count every vote! Count every vote! Count every vote! Count every vote!