Duke surgeon helps write 'Good Doctor' episode

Dr. Oren Gottfried, a neurosurgeon and spine surgeon at Duke Health, is using his medical expertise to help pitch and write the upcoming episode of ABC's "The Good Doctor."

Video Transcript

ANA RIVERA: If you tuned in to "The Good Doctor" last night you got a sneak peek of next week's episode and has some very close ties to "The Triangle."


By day, he looks like any other surgeon at Duke. But his work extends far past the doctor's office.


And his work now making its big debut on your TV screen.

DR. OREN GOTTFRIED: And I just want to turn on the TV and watch it. Again, 10:00 o'clock on Monday. It's a little bit of late time, I'm usually preparing for my clinic for Tuesday morning. But this is one time I'm going to stay up.

ANA RIVERA: Dr. Oren Gottfried is a neurosurgeon and spine surgeon at Duke Health. Now, he's used his medical expertise to help pitch and write the upcoming episode of ABC'S "The Good Doctor."

DR. OREN GOTTFRIED: It was a hobby at first, but now that I've done it long enough it actually is a hired position. But I would still do it voluntarily. Don't let them know that.

ANA RIVERA: Next week's episode will highlight two gunshot victims who rushed to the hospital after a political protest turns violent.

DR. OREN GOTTFRIED: And I have to admit it's quite an exciting episode. And viewers are going to gain a lot from it, I hope. And then there is just some very interesting stories, but I don't want to be the person that spoils everything.

ANA RIVERA: Dr. Gottfried says it's an episode that is topical and medically accurate and one that will hopefully get you thinking.

DR. OREN GOTTFRIED: What I'm hoping is that a viewer is able to go on this experience but also can grow just like characters on any show are going to grow as the episode progresses.

ANA RIVERA: And the upcoming episode of "The Good Doctor" will air right here on ABC 11 next Tuesday, April 26th, at 10:00 o'clock. I'm Ana Rivera, ABC 11 Eyewitness News.