‘Dumbest criminal’: Alleged car thief released from jail steals bond agent’s SUV

A bail bond agent told Channel 9 she went inside the Mecklenburg County jail and came out to find her car missing.

But what happened to her car makes the story even more bizarre.

Police said Anthony Goddard had just bonded out of jail for stealing a car when, seconds after walking out the jail door, he stole the bond agent’s car.

“He has to be the boldest and the dumbest criminal in the city,” Nymea Cropper said.

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As a bail bondswoman, Cropper thought she had seen it all until Friday night.

“The audacity to get out of jail, walk outside of the jail and steal a car,” she said.

She went into the jail Friday night to post a client’s bond. As she was walking in, police said Goddard was walking out. A different bail bond worker had already posted his bond.

Police said surveillance video shows Goddard breaking into and driving away with her vehicle.

“The car was definitely stolen at 11:02. I came outside at 11:05,” Cropper said.

Goddard was in jail because he had been accused of stealing a vehicle last Thursday, and jail records show that wasn’t his first time.

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“So this kid just thinks he can steal a car and nothing’s going to happen to him,” Cropper said.

It’s why she wants the courts to toughen up, even if it’s bad for business.

“I’m worried about the single mom with only liability coverage,” she said. “This guy is out here stealing cars with no regard for the law.”

Cropper said when it comes to his next arrest, she’s already talked to other bail bond businesses. She said it’s a small community, and added that Goddard had been blacklisted.

“I would say you’re stupid. You’re the stupidest criminal and I can’t wait until you get caught, ‘cause no one is going to bond you out,” she said.

Cropper said her car is still gone and there haven’t been any arrests.

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