‘Dumbest thing I’ve done’: TikToker posts PSA after opening Home Depot card blocked her from buying home

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A woman has released a TikTok PSA about “the dumbest thing I have ever done” after opening a Home Depot credit card blocked her from being able to get a mortgage and buy a house.

Cassidy Gard, going under @cassidygard on TikTok, said she usually says no when asked in stores if she wants to open a credit card but chose to do it at a Home Depot store in May.

In the video, which had amassed 1.2 million views by Friday, Ms Gard said the Home Depot worker who asked her about the card seemed “so nice”.

“It just seemed like it was really special and important to her that I open a card,” Ms Gard said. “So I opened the card, and then I just totally forgot that I opened a card.”

The TikToker noted that she was in the process of buying a house, but four months after opening the Home Depot credit card, she discovered that her credit score had dropped by more than 100 points.

“For a $9 can of paint, I am now probably not going to get a mortgage on a house,” a tearful Ms Gard said. “This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever done.”


Storytime…might be losing dream house over $9 @homedepot paint 💩 #help #homedepot @selffinancial #creditcard #finance #creditscore #fyp #mortgage

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She advised viewers not to open a store credit card regardless of how nice an employee may seem. She issued a warning that taking the risk could be ruinous.

Some viewers said Home Depot was not to blame and that Ms Gard should’ve been more cautious.

“The problem isn’t getting a credit card but that you forgot about it. I don’t mean to diss you but it’s the truth. The lady/company weren’t at fault,” one viewer said.

“Seems like you forgetting is the problem, not the store,” another said.

“Yes, I am the problem. That is why this is a PSA. So if other people like me have a horrendous memory, they realize how damaging this can be,” Ms Gard responded.

Other commenters defended Ms Gard.

“Lotta people in these comments acting like nothing has ever slipped their minds before. A $9 charge could potentially cost her a literal home,” one TikTok user wrote.

“So many of these comments are not passing the vibe check. First time home buyer here and doing everything right is HARD,” another account holder added.

Some viewers advised Ms Gard to get in touch with Home Depot, noting that some companies have fixed bad credit scores when they have been caused by a credit card from their store.

The Independent has reached out to Home Depot for comment.

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