Hoop-de-doo! Tighten those abs and drop some pounds with this amazing fitness find, on sale at Amazon

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Oooo, what a hula hoop can do for you. (Photo: Amazon)
Yeah, it looks like something out of 'Star Wars,' but use it enough and you'll be ready for the red carpet. (Photo: Amazon)

We know, it's funny-looking. At first you're like, "What is this thing?" But then you take a gander at the video and it all makes perfect sense. It's the Smart Weighted Fit Hoop by Dumoyi — basically, it's a hula hoop for dummies.

Have you tried to use a hula hoop lately? Well I guarantee that your 30-, 40- or 50-something-year-old self is not nearly as capable at getting one of those things to carom around your waist like your 10-year-old self could. That's because it's a workout to keep that thing up above your hips and balanced, wrapping around your middle like a pendulum. Well, that's kind of the point, and what makes this fit hoop so ingenious. Said one fan: "Wow, what a workout. I have a hard time with hula hoops. This was easier to use and got my heart rate up very quickly. I was sore the next day." Ah, but it hurts so good!

Right now you can grab one of these tummy-tucking devices for almost 20 percent off, saving you $14 off the $80 retail price.

$66 $80 at Amazon

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Waist dwindler, in an array of colors. (Photo: Amazon)
The more time you spend gleefully gyrating with this hoop, the better you'll look and feel. That's just circular reasoning. (Photo: Amazon)

Even for the neophyte who's never hula-d, this fit hoop device makes it easy to gyrate those hips and abs, tighten up that midsection and, soon enough, shed some pounds. The belt is fully adjustable, its parts clicking together so you can remove or add links depending on your waistline. It fits 31- to 47-inch waists. The goal is to start removing links!

How does it work? Just slide the weight into the track, and clip the magnetic belt together in front and start moving. It's that easy. , "Love this thing," said one motivated guy. "Got the hang of it quickly. I'm 5'9" and 280lbs.; it was making me sweat after less than five minutes. [I've got] chronic back pain, and it doesn't hurt my back — yay! Biggest thing is, it is so much fun, so I don't feel frustrated doing it as exercise!"

The Dumoyi Smart Weighted Fit Hoop is made of safe and durable plastic. Unlike other versions, the Dumoyi has 360-degree shock-absorbing massage ring, with comforting little buttons that flex with you, so there's no discomfort when using the device. More than a few of the more than 2,000 five-star reviewers claim that it doesn't hurt their back, even those with chronic lower-back aches.

The fun and easy way to slim down. (Photo: Amazon)
The fun and easy way to slim down. (Photo: Amazon)

"Amazing!" said a now-slimmer user. "Super easy to assemble, and once you get in the groove, it's so easy! I just throw on a show and do it for the length of the show. Instructions say to do it for at least 30 minutes. Of course, throughout you might have it slow down, but just wiggle your hips again to get it going!"

This lady gave us the skinny on how you use it to shed pounds, "It took a little bit to get used to it, but after you get used to it, its a very effective workout! The key is to tighten your abs, and move your arms as if you are doing ab twists. You can keep your legs about shoulder-width apart or wider. I’ve done it both ways, but the key is really in your arms and in keeping your abs tight. That’s how I’m able to keep the ball going around without it stopping. My heart rate also stayed pretty high, in the high 160s to mid 170s zone, while doing this exercise. So very effective, in my opinion!"

We're convinced! This is a great way to stay in shape this winter without having to go outside in the cold or to the gym — which many of us are avoiding right now. Easy to store, and you can use it anywhere. On sale for only $66 — about the cost of one month's gym membership—what have you got to lose, besides that holiday weight?

$66 $80 at Amazon

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