Dumpling House is serving up northern-style dumplings in Des Moines

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A decade ago, Eric Song and his family came to the U.S. from northeast China, but there was one thing they missed when they moved to Des Moines — dumplings from their hometown.

Why it matters: That food craving led his father, Xin Song, to open up Dumpling House in 2019 — a pop-up shop selling northern-style dumplings.

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  • The dumplings are all handmade, including the wrapper and the filling, Song said.

  • What makes them unique is that northern-style dumplings typically have a "chewier" wrapper, as well as larger fillings.

On the menu: There's pork, chicken and beef potstickers (six for $6.95) as well as vegetarian options. They offer dumplings both steamed and fried.

  • If you're craving some soup this season, they also have soup wontons that are served in a chicken broth (five for $6.95).

Where to find it: Every Sunday at Kitchen Spaces near Drake from 5:30 to 9pm.

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