‘DunKings’: Ben Affleck, Tom Brady and Matt Damon crash J-Lo’s recording session in new Dunkin’ ad

Meet the DunKings.

A trio of Boston icons tried to launch their career as pop stars in Dunkin’s newest commercial which aired during Super Bowl LVIII Sunday night.

Ben Affleck, Tom Brady and Matt Damon feature as the hottest rap group on the streets of Boston in the commercial for Dunkin’s newest coffee. In an attempt to impress his wife Jennifer Lopez, Affleck and the rest of the DunKings crash her recording session.

“For your consideration, here comes the Boston Massacre! The DunKings!” Affleck exclaims as he bursts through the studio door, much to wife Jennifer Lopez’s shock and horror.

Affleck introduces his keyboardist “Touchdown Tommy” and his longtime creative partner Matt Damon.

“Sometimes it’s really hard to be your friend,” Damon remarks.

The pair of Oscar-winning actors and the 7-time Super Bowl champion then drop a few quick lyrics.

“How do you like them... doughnuts? I’m so sorry,” Damon sheepishly apologizes to Lopez.

“Are we gonna be on the album?” Brady asks.

“We talked about this,” Lopez tells Affleck before kicking the colorfully clad group out of the studio. Well, almost all of the group.

“Tom, you can stay,” Lopez quickly adds.

Affleck’s dreams of music superstardom were first seen in a commercial that debuted during the Grammy’s earlier this month. The commercial follows Affleck as he attempts to cultivate a pop persona, and it opens by poking fun at his “Sad Affleck” moment from the 2023 Grammys when he appeared to be bored in a photo with Jennifer Lopez.

Affleck ends the video with a nod to his wife’s new album, “This is me now.”

The new DunKings Iced Coffee, a classic iced coffee with notes of vanilla combined with cream, topped with Sweet Cold Foam and a dusting of cinnamon sugar, and the Munchkins Skewer will be available in Dunkin stores nationwide, tomorrow February 12.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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