DuPage Getting Many Residents Vaccinated

CBS 2's Marie Saavedra reports the county leads the area with the most COVID vaccine shots given.

Video Transcript

- In our area, when it comes to where the most people are vaccinated, there's one county leading the pack. CBS 2's Marie Saavedra live with what's working in DuPage County, Marie.

MARIE SAAVEDRA: Brad, if you check out our vaccine tracker that's at cbschicago.com, I think this data really jumps out. It shows that in the last few weeks, DuPage County has shot up the list. And it is now one of the top five counties in the entire state that has the most amount of its residents fully vaccinated.

I want to show you this map here. Now, this is information that we compiled with our team here at CBS 2 from the Illinois Department of Public Health Numbers. It shows Sangamon County, home to the state capitol, is the leader statewide with 35.6% of its people fully vaccinated. Monroe County, South of St. Louis, and Adams County, which is home to Quincy, come in at numbers two and three.

And then it is DuPage County at 32.8% of its population vaccinated. That's tied for fourth with Mercer County that's near the Quad Cities. I asked the executive director of DuPage County's health department why they have been so successful. And she says it's because the county planned its rollout differently than many other counties.

KAREN AYALA: Particularly early on. Yes, there was a lot of interest in getting the vaccine. But there was also a lot of uncertainty about would it be safe. And so we wanted to make sure that people we're getting their vaccines from their primary care doctor.

MARIE SAAVEDRA: So the county really believes that having those primary care physicians have shots available and have them reach out to people or people just being able to call their doctor added to the ease of folks in DuPage getting vaccinated. Also, when they're getting the vaccine from a doctor, they already know that combatted a lot of vaccine hesitancy right off the bat. Both of those major factors, they feel, in why DuPage County's numbers look so good, Brad.

- Yeah, interesting point there. That last one, knowing the doctor, that intimate relationship helping ease a concern over getting the vaccine. As you mentioned, DuPage climbing the charts here pretty quickly. Did anything else help give them a boost?

MARIE SAAVEDRA: Yes, and it's something big. Of course, that always help when you're looking at numbers like this. It's their fairgrounds, mass vaccination site. It's actually been operating since about February. But just a little over a month ago, the state recognized it as a mass vaccination site.

That led to an even bigger supply of shots. So they are now giving doses out to about 2,000 people a day. And that, of course, has just helped those numbers increase as well.

- Marie Saavedra. Thank you, Marie.