Durbin, Grassley open hearing on Capitol riot

Senate hearing on the deadly January 6th riot at the U.S. Capitol opens with a focus on domestic terrorism and what the FBI knew prior to the attack. (March 2)

Video Transcript

Sen. Dick Durbin: For the first time ever, we have failed to have a peaceful transfer of power, and many are questioning the legitimacy of the current administration. The fact that this divisive political force is hateful and violent challenges all of us to redouble our efforts. I join my Republican colleagues, unequivocally, in condemning left-wing violence, but let's stop pretending that the threat of Antifa is equivalent to the white supremacist threat. We need to be abundantly clear that the white supremacists, and other extremists, are the most significant domestic terrorism threat facing the United States today. I hope everyone in this room can look at the facts, and acknowledge this, and we can come together on a bipartisan basis to defeat this threat.

Sen. Chuck Grassley: Yes, white supremacy movements may be considered the most dangerous at a given time, but, somehow, it wasn't last Summer or won't be when the next foreign attack is attempted. We must call extremism, wherever it happens, across the board, left or right, every time. We must focus our resources to try to see as much of it coming as we possibly can, wherever it comes from. We aren't going to defund the Anarchist Extremism program or any other domestic terrorism program. It can't be that the FBI needs a fully-funded Art Theft program, but can't afford to fight both right-wing and left-wing extremism. We must examine the issue of domestic terrorism broadly, very broadly, to include all forms of political extremism, domestic terrorism, wherever it falls on the political spectrum.