Dusty art turns out to be Brueghel 'masterpiece'

STORY: One dusty old painting turned out to be an unknown masterpiece

It's a rediscovered work of Flemish painter Pieter Brueghel the Younger

that was hidden behind a door for years in a family home

[Location: Paris, France]

It's now expected to fetch as much as $850,000 at auction

The family who have had it since the 1900s thought it was fake

[Malo de Lussac, Auctioneer / Daguerre Val de Loire]

"I found this painting in a French house and the painting was behind the door in the television room and I started my estimations in this room and when I turned back I saw this painting. So it was a very good surprise for me. It's a masterpiece, we don't have anything else (like it). The big Brueghels around the world, the technique was very qualitative, it needs this estimate because it's completely unique."

The painting L'Avocat du village (the Village Lawyer) is one of Brueghel's largest known works