Dutchess Elections 2022: Who's on the ballot

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Election Day has arrived.

The races and propositions on which residents can vote vary by town.

To find your voting district, or to see if you are registered to vote, consult voterlookup.elections.ny.gov.

Here's a look at all the races and issue on ballots across Dutchess:

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What’s on the ballot?

Ballot lines key: Democratic (D), Republican (R), Conservative (C), Working Families (WF), LaRouche (L), Independence (I)

(Voters will pick one in all races unless otherwise noted)


Governor, Lieutenant Governor

Kathy Hochul and Antonio Delgado – D, WF

Lee Zeldin and Alison Esposito – R, C


Thomas P. DiNapoli – D, WF

Paul Rodriguez – R, C

Attorney General

Letitia A. James – D, WF

Michael Henry – R, C

U.S. Senator

Charles E. Schumer – D, WF

Joe Pinion – R, C

Diane Sare – L

Proposition One:

Authorizing the sale of state bonds up to $4.2 billion to fund environmental protection, natural restoration, resiliency and clean energy products.


17th Congressional Seat

Sean Patrick Maloney – D, WF

Mike Lawler – R, C

18th Congressional Seat

Pat Ryan – D, WF

Colin Schmitt – R, C

39th State Senate Seat

Julie Shiroshi – D, WF

Rob Rolison – R

41st State Senate Seat

Michelle Hinchey – D, WF

Susan J. Serino – R, C, I

103rd Assembly District Seat

Sarahana Shrestha – D, WF

Patrick Sheehan – R, C

104th Assembly District Seat

Jonathan G. Jacobson – D, WF

105th Assembly District Seat

Jill Fieldstein – D, WF

Anil R. Beephan, Jr. – R, C

106th Assembly District Seat

Didi Barrett – D

Brandon Craig Gaylord – R, C

9th Judicial District State Supreme Court Justice

(Vote for up to seven)

Anne E. Minihan – D, C

David J. Squirell – D, C

Amy S. Puerto – D

Keri A. Fiore – D

Elena M. Goldberg-Velazquez – D, C

Sherri Eisenpress – D, C

David S. Zuckerman – D, C

Linda M. Murray – R

Richard J. Guertin – R

John A. Sarcone, III – R, C

John Ciampoli – R, C

Robert S. Cypher Jr. – R

Joseph I. Farca – R

Michael J. Grace – R


Dutchess Sheriff

Jillian Hanlon – D, WF

Kirk A. Imperati – R, C



Library Trustee

Moira Fitzgibbons (no party)

Proposition Two:

Authorizing the library district budget of $10,028,960 for 2023.



Town Justice

Graham Spearman – D


Member of Town Board

Frank M. Lemak V – R, C

Proposition Two:

Authorizing the town’s annual contribution to the Beekman Library’s operating budget to be increased from $443,848 to $498,500.


Proposition Two:

Authorizing the town’s annual contribution to the Clinton Community Library’s operating budget to be increased to $149,800.

East Fishkill

Member of Town Board

Craig Arco – R

Keri Cahill – C

Town Justice

Frederick Romig – R, C

Proposition Two:

Creating Local Law “C” of 2022, making the town clerk term four years and limiting the number of terms for any elected town official to four consecutive terms, effective Jan. 1, 2024.


Town Justice

Susan M. Sullivan-Bisceglia – R, C, WF

Receiver of Taxes

Joedy P. Kievit – R, C


Town Justice

(Vote for up to two)

Thomas H. Jones – D, R

Edward Burns – D, R


Vicki-Lynn McKenzie – D, R

North East

Town Clerk

Elizabeth L. Strauss – D, R


Town Justice

Gayle K. Zelazny – R

Pine Plains

Town Clerk

Madelin Dafoe – D, R

Town Justice

Stella Isaza – D

Ibis Guzman – R

Superintendent of Highways

Lisa Ferguson – R


Library Trustee

Patricia Ryan (no party)

Proposition Two:

Authorizing the library district budget of $10,028,960 for 2023.


Proposition Two:

Approving the town opting out of allowing cannabis retail dispensaries.

Proposition Three:

Authorizing the Stanford Free Library budget to be set at $170,400 annually.



Village Trustee

(Vote for up to two)

Buffy Lee Arbogast – D

Joseph Libonati – D

Peter Doro – R

Patrick Murphy – R


Town Justice

Gayle K. Zelazny – R

Village Trustee

(Vote for up to two)

John R. Burweger – R

Daniel J. Peters – R

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