Dutchman begins two-year cycle from London to India

STORY: Location: London

This Dutch gardener is riding his bicycle from London to India

Rens Goede will cycle almost 19,000 miles across 30 countries

to raise awareness about soil degradation

His journey is expected to last about two years

[Rens Goede, Dutch gardener and cyclist]

"I like bicycles, so I thought: you know what? I’ll leave everything behind and sell everything. And I’ll take a bicycle to widen the knowledge about save soil so that future generations can prosper. So that’s the reason I took the bike and made this happen."

Goede is supporting the ‘Save Soil’ movement launched by Indian yogi Sadhguru

[Rens Goede, Dutch gardener and cyclist]

"We need more food to get the same nutrients and vitamins into our body, because of that 'Save Soil' is so important for me because I want the future generations to live healthily without any complications. That’s the reason 'Save Soil' is so important to me."