Duxbury Releases Results Of Investigation Into Football Team

The investigation started after a Duxbury player yelled "Auschwitz" during a game.

Video Transcript

DAVID WADE: This is new at 10:00 PM, Duxbury schools releasing results of a new report after their football team was found to have used anti-Semitic and other derogatory language. The investigation started after people heard a player yell out "Auschwitz" to call for a certain play back in March. That term obviously referring back to the Nazi concentration camp.

Well, here are the results of their investigation. There was evidence that coaches have allowed use of anti-Semitic terms dating back as early as 2010. On the field there was coarse language, homophobic slurs, and inappropriate behavior. A new revelation also came out the team would regularly recite a Catholic prayer prior to games, and team masses were held before Thanksgiving games. This violated school policy pertaining to religion in school.