DVDFab Video Converter Turns Users into Video Editors with Recent Upgrade


BEIJING, Aug. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- DVDFab Video Converter's recent upgrade can turn a user into a video editor by allowing them to select their desired output format and provide them with easy-to-use tools to polish and finalize an existing video. Users can adjust the original video resolution, pixel, frame rate, and more with a click of a button. Audio tweaking options are also available.

In addition to being a video editor, the most important function is its ability to convert to various formats, thus making it an audio converter as well. This includes numerous forms that support 3D videos, 2D videos, and audio specified, such as 3D MKV, AVI, and MP3, respectively. DVDFab Video Converter provided a list of all of their supported formats on their official website.

While the new upgrade supports numerous formats and devices, it also adds a creative touch as it provides simple video editing tools to help users to tweak the video. A beginner video editor or an expert can easily take advantage of these tools. Video add-ons include credits, text, music, and images. Cropping and trimming are also available. Underneath the tools, it provides a timeline to help track add-ons.

Formats aside, users can choose their ideal device for their converted video. Devices include, but are not limited to, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Huawei products.

A unique feature is that users can change the converted video file name directly in DVDFab Video Converter and save converted videos to their desired directory or straight to their YouTube account. In the future, users can save to their Vimeo or Facebook report. Before exporting, users can also preview their converted video.

Convert a video directly from a computer, mobile, or over 200 websites. Via the DVDFab Remote, it connects a mobile device to DVDFab Video Converter and can track downloads in real-time.

Currently, DVDFab Video Converter supports Windows systems (10/8.1/8/7 (32-bit and 64-bit)) and Mac, and it needs at least 10GB of free hard disc space. It's also available in three versions: free, trial, and paid, all of which have different features. The software is designed to preserve the resolution of high-quality videos; it helps users around the world receive quality content at the comfort of their homes.

DVDFab Video Converter is a free video converter from DVDFab.cn, a professional multimedia software provider dedicated to providing video converters, DVD, Blu-ray, and UHD creators, and more. The software currently has more than 120 million global users across all of their products.


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