Dwayne Johnson ‘ripping some past open’ on ‘Young Rock’

Just days after The Rock told his parents he'd sold a TV comedy about his early years to NBC, his father died from a heart attack. After the loss, Dwayne Johnson wants “Young Rock” to highlight his father's "really uncanny ability to make anyone feel good." (Feb. 16)

Video Transcript

DWAYNE JOHNSON: I was born into a wrestling family.

- Your dad was wrestling superstar Rocky Johnson.

DWAYNE JOHNSON: I get emotional when I talk about this, when I talk about my dad and I think about it. Well, I had a complex relationship with my dad. And he was a complex man.

Yes, we'll show the complexities, his flaws. But I really want to lean into something that he was special at, which was making people feel good. And he had that really uncanny ability to make anyone feel good. You look great, look at you, are you-- His favorite thing was, have you been working out?

He became an anchoring factor in my struggle and my determination to, quite frankly, not be evicted. When, again, we were evicted when I was 13 or 14 off the island of Hawaii, and I-- So again, the economic struggle was always something that was in the forefront of my mind.

So when I sat down with Nahnatchka and her team, and we were trying to find the right creative pathway here, I did know that in my heart the most important thing was to be authentic and to be OK with ripping some stories open and ripping some past open. You look back on these stories and you just-- I become so incredibly grateful.

- Nothing is more important than family.