Dylan Dreyer And Family Share Their Boston Accents And They’re Wicked Good

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Dylan Dreyer is showing off her killah Boston accent.

Earlier this week, the TODAY meteorologist's husband, Brian Fichera, posted a hilarious video of their family saying the word “microprocessors," with complete disregard for the last letter R.

The cameraman drew his inspiration from Martin Scorsese’s Boston-set crime drama “The Departed,” where "microprocessors" is uttered multiple times by actors including Mark Wahlberg and Leonardo DiCaprio.

“MICROPRAWCESIZ…….technology,” Fichera captioned the clip. #thedeparted #thedepaaahhhhhhted #boston.”

Though Dylan, Calvin, 5, and Oliver, 2, all knock it out of the park — or pahk — Fichera has an advantage. He grew up in Easton, Massachusetts, which is roughly an hour outside of Boston.

"Cal has the accent perfect! I think I’ve watched that movie 10x. I was living in Charlestown when they filmed it!" one person wrote in the comments.

Joked another, "I Think @dylandreyernbc should do an entire show with her wicket pissah accent."

When Dylan was still pregnant with her son Rusty, she said they had to choose a name that Brian’s parents could pronounce.

“Because of my mother and father-in-law, we can’t go with Archie,” she explained on the show. “In a Boston accent it sounds like Ah-chi. And it’s grating.”

Dylan and Fichera met while working at NBC’s Boston affiliate, WHDH, more than a decade ago. They will celebrate their 10-year wedding anniversary in October.

Though they both work long hours, they’re constantly in touch, thanks to technology.

“Our schedules mean we don’t see each other much, but we text all the time,” Dylan told TODAY Parents earlier this year. “Sometimes it’s even easier to have an important or deep conversation via text because we get all our thoughts out without being interrupted.”

“We don’t find it impersonal. In fact, just the opposite,” she continued. “We know each other well enough to understand each other’s tone so a lot gets accomplished through texting."

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