Dylan Dreyer posts video of son Ollie picking up Boston accent

Dylan Dreyer's son Ollie is turning into a little Bostonian.

The TODAY co-host caught her adorable son on video saying he wants to color with a marker in hand.

"I want to col-ah," Ollie, 2, tells his mom.

"What's the word?" she asks.

"Col-ah!" he says with a laugh. "Color!" Dylan says, emphasizing the last letter.

Dylan's husband, Brian Fichera, can be heard clapping in the background and repeating the word with a Boston accent as the mother of three jokes, "Your parents are never allowed back."

Dylan added the caption, "You know your in laws are from Boston when..."

The comment section was chock-full of laughing emojis, with many relating to accents from states like New Jersey, Rhode Island, Minnesota and Wisconsin rubbing off on their kids. One Instagram user joked that Ollie should try saying "orange."

This isn't the first time Dylan has been in stitches laughing at her sons (the couple are also parents to Calvin, 5, and Rusty, 1).

In October, she posted a video on Instagram of her family gathered together to watch a movie when Ollie exclaims an almost swear-filled expression that he misunderstood in the film.

While enjoying "Top Gun," his dad asks Ollie, "What wasn't working?" The 2-year-old responds, "The ship."

“What’d he say?” Fichera asks.

“Oh, ship!” Ollie exclaims.

His brother Calvin seems to understand that his brother misspoke the profanity as he starts to giggle and look over at Dylan, who covers her mouth while laughing at the funny moment.

“Ollie loves Top Gun and I’m not going to tell him they’re flying planes,” Dylan captioned the video, along with the hashtag #ohship.

This article was originally published on TODAY.com