Dylan Dreyer Shows Why Packing For Vacation With Kids Isn't Easy

@dylandreyernbc via Instagram
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TODAY meteorologist and mom Dylan Dreyer has a flair for vacation packing.

"Packing 3 kids for @acchampionship in Tahoe takes a lot of organizing," she captioned new Instagram photos ahead of a family trip to the American Century Championship golf tournament in Nevada. "Packing 1 man apparently does not (swipe to last picture)."

In the first images, a neat row of folded clothing for sons Calvin, 5, Oliver, 2, and Rusty, 9 months, are laid out on the floor, then arranged in a suitcase.

The third shows husband Brian Fichera's travel bag in a state of shambles: two dress shirts (still on hangers) thrown on top of unidentified clothing wrapped in plastic.

Fans of Dylan won't raise an eyebrow to her talent.

A few months ago, the mom documented her "ambitious" journey to a restaurant with her sons — without Fichera.

"Ambitious? Yes. Worth it? Yes!!" she wrote on a photo of the family smiling at a table.

However, last month Dylan slipped a secret to her photo game: Fichera is a sneaky photographer.

"He’s rarely IN the pictures because he’s usually TAKING the pictures!" Dylan wrote in a Father's Day Instagram post, tagging her husband. "You bring more smiles to this family than I know what to do with."

She added, "Our boys have quite the role model in you and all I can hope for is that they grow up to be just like you…the way you love, the way you laugh, the way you care…we are so lucky to have you in our lives. Happy Father’s Day!!!! We all love you very much!"