Dylan Dreyer's husband shares hack to navigate the airport with a toddler

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Navigating the airport alone is difficult, let alone with three young children.

After returning to New York City from their family vacation, Dylan Dreyer’s husband Brian Fichera had to get crafty when it came to transporting his kids around the terminal.

In a photo shared on Instagram, Fichera showed off his creative method of carting around the couple's 2-year-old son, Oliver. The picture captured the toddler sitting atop a tall black suitcase, using the handle as a backrest. Fichera propped the suitcase onto its back wheels, pushing the piece of luggage forward as if it were a stroller.

“Innovation. Efficiency. Mobility. These are the qualities one must have when going through JFK international Airport,” he hilariously captioned the post. “I’m Brian Fichera and thank you for coming to my TED talk. #ollieg #og.”

In the comments, people lauded Fichera for his creativity and played along with the joke, with one person writing, “Don’t forget customer experience….Your passenger seems to be enjoying himself!”

Another referred to Oliver as the “Most adorable hitchhiker ever!!”

“It fits, it sits…” one Instagram user wrote, with another penning the perfect name for the secondary use of a suitcase, simply commenting, “Daddy caddy.”

Another suggested that Fichera take things one step further, writing, “You may want to patent that riding luggage idea!”

The TODAY meteorologist and her family have been out of town in Turks and Caicos, just a few weeks after they made a cross country trip to Nevada for the American Century Champion celebrity golf tournament. Dylan and Fichera were accompanied by their three sons, Calvin, 5, Oliver, 2, and Rusty, 9-months for the beach trip.

Despite one chaotic 6:30 a.m. wake-up call, the family of five has had plenty of fun during their sunny escape.

Fichera put himself in the spotlight during a karaoke night, as documented on his Instagram, dedicating “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson to none other than TODAY’s Craig Melvin.

Dylan and her husband also engaged in a footrace on the beach, though their respective Instagram posts showed off two very different results of the contest.

While Fichera showcased his apparent win in a cinematic video, which was shot in slow-motion and included a dramatic freeze frame of him jumping in the air at the end, Dylan ultimately disputed the results.

On her Instagram, Dylan shared what she claims is the first take of their race. The short clip showed her in first place while her husband tripped mere seconds into the competition and fell on his face in the sand.

“If you follow @fishlense perhaps you saw the video of him and me racing…and Brian winning,” she wrote in the caption. “THIS is the video of what happened the first race. Who’s the winner now???”