Dylan Dreyer's Son Rusty Celebrates 1st Birthday With Gelato

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Here's the scoop: Dylan Dreyer’s son Rusty is 1 today.

“Birthday gelato!” Rusty’s dad, Brian Fichera, captioned an Instagram video on Sept. 29.

In the clip, Rusty, who is perched on Dylan’s lap, is seen lighting up as she feeds him spoonfuls of the dessert. Adding to the cuteness: big brothers, Calvin, 5, and Oliver, 2, chanting “Happy birthday Rusty!”

Dylan and Fichera’s youngest child was born six weeks early and spent several days in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

“I’m in awe of all the doctors and nurses,” Dylan wrote on Instagram at the time.

Today, the little boy is thriving.

“We’ve got Rusty the baby, who’s so proud of himself because he pulled himself up on the side of the bathtub,” the TODAY meteorologist told Yahoo! Life earlier this month. “I love watching him go through and master something. It’s my favorite thing.”

Rusty, whose real name is Russell James, is named after his paternal grandfather, Russell, and his maternal grandfather, James.

“It was really special to tell them, and nice to see them cry and tear up a little bit,” Dylan shared in an interview with Hello magazine. “It’s hard to make grown men cry!”

In 2016, Dylan revealed that she and Fichera fell in love with the name Calvin while they were watching TV.

“We were like, ‘I kind of like that,’” she recalled. “It just kind of hit us both at the same time. And same with Bradley. We’re trying to set him up to be a cool kid and we thought Calvin Bradley was a good start with that.

Oliver is also a name that Dylan and Fichera just liked.

Calvin started first grade this month, while Oliver entered preschool.

While chatting with Yahoo Life! Dylan revealed that Oliver is “so attached” to Calvin.

“He looks up to Calvin for his approval and it’s like, ‘Calvin, I did it. Calvin, Calvin look,’” she said. “Just that dynamic of watching them as brothers and just Calvin being so proud of Ollie and Ollie wanting to show off for Calvin and soon Rusty will be right in the mix.”

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