AccuWeather Alert: Sun & clouds, but hot & humid with storms

Expect mixed clouds and sun on Wednesday as it becomes hot and more humid with a thunderstorm in spots, mainly later in the day.

Video Transcript

SAM CHAMPION: What's going on. We managed to get a lot of sunshine through those clouds in short order this afternoon. And that's been really helping us get to 70 degrees. Partly cloudy skies out there right now. West Southwest wind. Actually, a little bit more of a western direction is going to help us get an extra couple of degrees in here.

So we think we're going to about 75. 63 in Bensonhurst. We're also looking at about 64 in Staten Island right now, 66 in Ozone Park. We're looking at 67 in White Plains, 61 out east. The numbers are really already starting to warm up, 66, 68 degrees. Look at the curve of all this air.

So this is the warm air that's trying to make a push at us. And it will successfully do that. We're in for a mild night overnight tonight, really comfortable, the kind of night you just want to walk around in. And then tomorrow, we start with temperatures in the 60s, and we start rolling pretty quickly up toward the 90-degree mark.

So beautiful afternoon as we go through the day to day, really super nice. Then notice what's happening. I stopped this a little bit later in the day. So we're not looking at rain in the early part of the day at all. We're looking at a lot of sunshine.

The red and orange up against the coastline, the warm temperatures that are there. And then these are the storms that develop later on in the afternoon. National Weather Service says, to the West of us, in Pennsylvania, also in Western New York state, a line of storms will develop. And they could be punchy enough to come through spotty, strong, to severe.

So we'll be watching for that later on tomorrow afternoon. We're just kind of look to see what happens. It doesn't look like it's a tough line yet, but there's the potential of getting one or two to develop, so we'll be watching it. Then after that leaves, it's a comfortable day the next day. So on Thursday, still looking at pictures in the 80s.

The super heat is held down to the south from us. And it looks like a beautiful day. Then Friday, we've got to bring some rain in. As this rain comes in, it appears to be more loaded in the afternoon. But once it gets going, it's going to rain all night long. And it looks like a good soaking rain that pulls out by about Saturday morning.

With that, let's watch it. You can see some of this happening and the drying going on at about 7:00 AM. But a dry moment, and then come back with some showers late on Saturday night. The good news about Sunday on into Monday right now, they're mixed with sunshine and clouds.

And we get a chance to warm up a little bit more on Monday than we will on Sunday. So early clouds, late sunshine for the rest of the day today. 75 degrees is the great number. And we're looking at clouds arriving overnight tonight. Just a few light Southwest winds. Beautiful night to stroll around.

And a nice start for the morning at 64. Clouds and sunshine hot and humid with a late rumble at about 90 degrees. We'll be watching to see how many of those develop. And then it's a beautiful day on Thursday. Friday's our rain day. And we start to make it better for Monday. Guys?