Early NBA win totals set for the 2019-20 season

Can the Blazers once again prove the oddsmakers wrong?

The early pre-season over/under for each NBA team has been released and Blazers fans might not be too happy.

According to Todd Fuhrman, a former oddsmaker for Caesars, the Trail Blazers over/under is set at 44.5. According to these projections, the Blazers would be seventh in the jam-packed Western Conference, behind teams such as the Golden State Warriors and Denver Nuggets.

The same Golden State Warriors that lost Kevin Durant and Andre Iguodala in the offseason, and will likely be missing Klay Thompson for a large chunk of the season, and the same Denver Nuggets the Blazers beat in the Western Conference Finals. Odds will be odd.

This is not the first time that the Trail Blazers have been overlooked when it comes to early win predictions. The past two seasons, Portland has shattered the bookmaker's estimated totals. Last year, the over/under was set at 42.5 wins, yet they ended up smashing the mark with 53 victories. The year prior (2017-18), the Blazers crushed the preseason expectation of 42.5 by winning 49 games. 

In fact, the Blazers have gone over their pre-season win projections five out of the last six seasons. The only season the Blazers finished lower was 2016-17. That season the oddsmakers put the over/under at 45.5, and the Blazers finished with 41 wins.  

It is well known that this team is not only used to being an underdog, but they thrive off of it. With the perceived evenness of the Western Conference, expect a third straight year of Portland hitting the over of this win mark.

Early NBA win totals set for the 2019-20 season originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest