Early in-person voting starts in Wisconsin

Voters across the presidential battleground state of Wisconsin are lining up to cast their ballots on the first day of early in-person voting. (Oct. 20)

Video Transcript

TOM BARRETT: We're seeing lines in all of our locations, because without a doubt, people are interested in voting for the November 3 election.

CLAIRE WOODALL-VOGG: It kind of warms my heart to know that voters aren't letting the pandemic stop them. And like I said, we're seeing these at all of the 12 locations that are open as of this hour right now across the city. So we are seeing a demand for early voting. And we are lucky that we have 14 early voting locations in the city of Milwaukee.

So right now, we are staffing and focusing on social distancing as much in the polling place as possible. But after seeing the lines today, we will be adding additional staff and markers outside.

- Yes. Vote.