Early Pickups for Week 17

With the final picks of the 2020 season, Andy Behrens touts these two players to help carry you to the championship.

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: If you're the sort of monster who settles fantasy championships in week 17, not a great idea. But I realize some of you do it. We've got a couple of pickups for you. First of all, you got to consider Gus Edwards. He's coming off a huge day, huge performance-- over 120 total yards for the Ravens. He's tied to the NFL's number 1 rushing offense. He's available in about 60% of Yahoo leagues.

Again, over 120 total yards on Sunday, a couple of receptions, 80-plus yards on the ground. It is a very friendly spot in week 17 against Cincinnati-- a generous run defense. Go get Gus Edwards if that is an option for you. If not, consider Darrell Williams.

Darrell Williams-- actually a nice day for Kansas City all things considered-- Over 70 total yards against Atlanta. He's got the Chargers next week. That's not an intimidating match-up. The Chiefs actually don't have much of a reason to play their front line starters. They've clinched everything they can possibly clinch in the AFC.

I would expect Darrell Williams is still going to go. He's out there in about 90% of Yahoo leagues. Could be a difference maker in week 17.