Early Voting Is Underway For Runoff Elections

Fort Worth and Arlington are electing new mayors.

Video Transcript

- Today is the first day of early voting in the municipal runoff elections in Tarrant County. Voters are deciding who will be mayor in two of the biggest cities. Our Jason Allen in Fort Worth. Polls closed for the day just a short time ago. Jason.

JASON ALLEN: Yeah, and even in all this rain, Doug, the first day of early voting was a strong one. More than 7,300 people turned out here in Tarrant County according to a data from the County elections office. That actually eclipses the first day of early voting that we saw last month. And that general election, if you remember, had a pretty strong turnout for a local election. Traditionally, in these runoffs, It is a very, very small percentage of voters who end up choosing the winners.

Here are the last four runoffs in odd years here in Tarrant County. Between 4 and 1/2% and 6% of voters decided all those races. And those did not have the high profile races though that we're seeing this year. As you mentioned, Fort Worth voters, they're choosing their first new mayor in a decade. Deborah Peoples, the former County Democratic Party chair and Mattie Parker, the former chief of staff for the mayoral council here in Fort Worth are vying for that position.

Arlington is also getting a new mayor. And that's due to term limits for current Mayor Jeff Williams. Jim Ross just missed winning that spot outright in the general election. But that gave Michael Glaspie a second chance to win the top spot in that city. I talk to the elections administrator today. He was expecting a pretty smooth process over the next week. The ballot is short by just a couple of choices, maybe three for most people when they come out to the polls for this runoff.

- So glad to hear though that such a good turnout on a day like today when it's really easy to stay home and stay dry. Jason, thanks.