Earth Day: Keep Our Oceans Clean

The Wyland Foundation picks up pollution and trash around the beaches to keep oceans clean.

Video Transcript

CARISSA MOORE: When I was little, I used to pick up three pieces of trash every time I went to the beach. Just imagine if we all did that. What a huge difference that would make.

JASMINE VIEL: That's Carissa Moore, one of the four USA Olympic-bound surfers. She's using her platform to get out an important message on this Earth Day.

The Wyland Foundation, a nonprofit that focuses on keeping our oceans clean, is supporting the USA surfing team, and working with them on outreach efforts.


JASMINE VIEL: This is Robert Wyland, the founder, US Olympic artist, and conservationist, in his studio on the north shore of Hawaii, painting two surfboards to auction off for the US surfing team.

ROBERT WYLAND: If you're an artist like me and you have an opportunity to support these great causes and these great people that really are making a difference, I'm always going to use my art for that.

JASMINE VIEL: On one, there's the Olympic motto, "faster, higher, stronger," featuring three dolphins racing. The second image depicts an octopus.

BRETT SIMPSON: "Faster, higher, stronger" is their slogan. And then you also have-- think you did one with an octopus, which is like, they have the biggest brain-to-body thing. So that's kind of like where we think, you know, the mental strength, the mental hurdles you go through as an athlete are so important.

JASMINE VIEL: Brett Simpson, who lives in Huntington Beach, is the head coach of the first-ever US Olympic surf team. In July, he will lead the athletes in their quest to bring back gold at the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games.

BRETT SIMPSON: We have one of the best teams in the world. You know, John John Florence, Kolohe Andino, Carissa Moore, and Caroline Marks.

JASMINE VIEL: Excited to finally be on the world stage, they both took a moment to show off the gear.

- Here it is. I'll put it on. There it is.

- There you go. Now you're ready for the weather.

- See, I'm ready for Japan.

JASMINE VIEL: But today, they're focused on protecting our oceans.

- A lot of us surfers spend so much time in the water and on the beach, so obviously it's something that we respect very much and we're around it all the time.

- They're the canaries in the coal mine. You know, they're getting sick. We need to take care of our water. We have plenty of water, but we're really not taking care of it like we should.

JASMINE VIEL: Jasmine Viel, KCAL 9 News.

- The Wyland Foundation and the USA Olympic surfing team are launching a new effort to keep our beaches and waterways clean. This Saturday, there will be events at several local beaches, including Doheny, Redondo Beach, and Manhattan Beach. You can get more information on our website, And it is Earth Day. Serene--