Eartha Kitt's Daughter Responds To Trolls After Being Told She's Not Really Her Daughter And Not 'Black Enough'

Fans are coming to Kitt Shapiro’s defense after she reveals how she gets criticized for her looks when she says that her mother is Eartha Kitt.

Shapiro, who is Kitt’s biological daughter, said on Tamron Hall that because of her light skin tone and hair color, she is constantly trolled about if she is actually Kitt’s child.

Shapiro had recently made a TikTok clapping back at the trolls, which she discussed on the show.

“It is amazing,” she said, according to Atlanta Black Star. “We all know we’ve been victims of some type of trolling or nastiness online and people. They just assume that because I don’t, as I mentioned in the TikTok, look the way they think you should look, then you can’t possibly be who you say you are.” She also mentioned that even though she had been criticized for “not being Black enough,” she said she was unconditionally loved by her mother.

"I truly think she was proud to be the parent of somebody that couldn't be easily identified because she herself had been so stereotyped and so pigeonholed because of her skin color, obviously," said Shapiro.

“…She would always talk about…how beautiful I was. Of course, she was my mother, Let’s remember that, and I’m her only child,” Shapiro said. She added that she also said her mother would say “how wonderful it is to have this mixed race and how mixed race people are so much more interesting, no offense, to anyone who is not.”

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Viewers left comments at the show's YouTube page slamming critics who tried to deny Shapiro her parentage.

“I can’t imagine being attacked for claiming YOUR OWN MOTHER,” wrote one viewer. “Some people behave in ways that are bizarre and downright deranged when it comes to biracial black people–especially biracial black women. Thank God this woman was born to such a strong Queen. Eartha Kitt spoke truth to power and was willing to pay the price. This woman can speak truth to the idiots and the trolls and keep being HERSELF.”

Others commented how it's clear Shapiro and Kitt are related, with one saying, "Regardless of her skin tone, it's crazy that people don't see that Eartha and Kitt have the same face. I am glad that she's standing up for herself!"

Watch the full clip below.