East Bay students learn what it's like to work for Disney

Students at Oakland McClymonds High School got career advice from black employees at The Walt Disney Company.

Video Transcript

- Students at an Oakland high school got a chance to find out what it takes to work for Disney. ABC 7 news reporter Julian Glover moderated career day. And McClymonds high school students heard from a Pixar animator, a marketing manager from ESPN Plus, and technology leads from Disney Parks, Hulu, and Disney Plus.

They all share one common experience: that's trying to establish their careers as Black professionals in an industry where they're underrepresented. One participant shared advice that he got about a superpower that people of color bring to the workplace.

KHARI AUSTIN-RAWLS: You're not using your superpower, which is that when you're the only person in a room who looks like you, that means you bring a perspective that no one else can bring. And you have to lean into that. And that's how you're going to really make a difference.

- Disney gave McClymonds high school $2,500 grant as part of this event. Disney, of course, is the parent company of ABC 7.