East Bernstadt Schools celebrate successes

Nov. 16—A recent visit by the Safe School Assessment Team left positive impressions on the reviewers, with students, parents and staff reporting that they feel the school is 100% safe.

That was the report given by East Bernstadt Principal Susan Elza during Thursday's monthly board meeting.

"They observed the arrival and dismissal procedures and interviewed 100 students in the 4th to 8th grade, talked to staff and parents, and all reported they felt 100% safe," Elza told board members. "They were pleased that we have an SRO (School Resource Officer) and school nurse."

Elza added that the full report would arrive soon, but that the reviewers were pleased with the overall school operations.

She also reported a successful school carnival — the first since the 2020 pandemic, adding that the 1st and 2nd graders had their first experience. Elza added that the event raised $12,000 for the PTO (parent-teacher organization).

Congratulations were also given to the three re-elected board members — Trisha Mullins, Jim Sutton, and Tom Caudel, all of whom ran unopposed in the November election.

Board member Lucas Joyner was also recognized for his election as Family Court Judge. Due to the high volume of cases in Family Court for the 27th Circuit comprised of Knox and Laurel Counties, a second judge position was approved by the state legislature earlier this year. Joyner competed against six opponents, winning the election by 508 votes over the 2nd place vote getter.

However, Joyner will resign his seat on the East Bernstadt school board when he is sworn in as Family Court Judge, since Kentucky law prohibits a person from serving on two elected positions.

"It's been a privilege serving on this board and working for the kids and our schools," Joyner said. "I have one more meeting left (in December)."

East Bernstadt School Superintendent Vicki Jones said Joyner's seat on the school board would be appointed to fill the remainder of his term, which will expire next November.