East Garfield Park youth program releasing Black History Month album

The kids in Marillac St. Vincent Family Services Hope Junior Program in East Garfield Park are showing off their talents, recording an album for Black History Month.

Video Transcript

- (SINGING) Lift every voice and sing.

WILL JONES: The young people in Marillac St. Vincent Family Service's Hope Junior Program, in East Garfield Park, are showing off their talent recording an album for Black History Month.

- It means a lot for what's going on right now.

WILL JONES: Normally, the kids in the program would perform in front of an audience. But with COVID-19 restrictions, that's not possible this year.

- There's been many disappointments with COVID, but I was discouraged. Because it's something that we always look forward to and look forward to celebrating.

WILL JONES: This is in partnership with Bandwith Chicago which provides young people in underserved communities with the opportunity to take music lessons.

- I find joy in figuring out what it is that they love to do and helping them have access to that.

WILL JONES: The album will include not only music, but also spoken word and poetry. All in celebration of Black history and culture.

- I've always tried to get to learn more and just the happiness of it makes me feel happy.

WILL JONES: The free album will be released digitally, Friday, on Marillac St. Vincent and Bandwith Chicago's websites. They hope this album will highlight the past and the present.

- It says that we're all not who you think we are. We're all not the same. We all have something going for ourselves no matter what it is. You just have to get to know us before you can judge.

WILL JONES: In East Garfield Park, Will Jones. ABC 7. Eyewitness News.