East Harlem Playground Gets $2.3 Million Makeover

A popular park in East Harlem got a much-needed makeover.

Video Transcript

- A popular park in East Harlem gets a much-needed makeover. Parks officials, council members, and community leaders cut the ribbon on the new and improved Thomas Jefferson Park Playground on East 114th street. The $2.3 million renovation includes new swings, additional play equipment, and a redesigned spray shower for children. There are new benches, pavement, and fences to keep families safe.

MITCHELL SILVER: This is where memories will be created. And parks aren't just for physical health, but they're for mental health as well.

DIANA AYALA: We realized that we needed to really invest in Thomas Jefferson Park, because it truly is the backyard of many of our children.

- The project was the first renovation for the playground in more than 20 years.