East Houston neighborhoods remain under boil water notice

A boil notice continues for parts of east Houston days after a water line break. Concerns continue to grow amongst families who feel there's been a lack of communication from the city.

Video Transcript

- Yeah, it is, Tom, and we've seen, at least, 100 cars go through to get the water. Take a look. This line is still wrapped around Cimarron Elementary School here in East Houston.

Today, a spokesperson with the city told me that they're dealing with a major water main break in this area, and then the surrounding neighborhoods here in East Houston, a lot of residents are without water and really have been since Friday. Now, when I spoke to the city earlier today, they told me they're actually still trying to find the point of that break to get it repaired. This means there's really no telling when residents will see water again.

- We were told the water would be on by 6:00 at night. It wasn't. Saturday, we woke up. We were told it'd be on by 4:00 in the afternoon. It still wasn't.

- Say it's a main water break, and my main concern is for the elderly, which my parents are. They're elderly.

- Now, the city did tell me that they have crews working around the clock to get this fixed and that they have been dealing with some complications this weekend. If you're in this area dealing with no water, we want you to know that they'll be here at Cimarron Elementary School, until 6:00, doing the distribution. Plenty of cars in line here. You still have time to get down here about 30 minutes before they end this water distribution. Reporting live this evening from East Houston, I'm [? S ?] Cully, ABC 13, Eyewitness News.