Eastern Europe ramps up military production

Military industry of Eastern Europe has increased the pace of production
Military industry of Eastern Europe has increased the pace of production

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Ukraine’s partners have been supplying Kyiv with weapons and military equipment ever since Feb. 24, depleting their own supplies along the way.

According to the Kiel Institute for World Economics tracker, the United States and the UK provided the most in direct military assistance to Ukraine between Jan. 24 and Oct. 3, with Poland in third place, and the Czech Republic in ninth place.

Some former Warsaw Pact countries who are still wary of Russia, view aid to Ukraine as a matter of regional security.

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Reuters writes that nearly a dozen government and corporate officials and analysts said the war has opened “new opportunities” for the region's military industry.

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“Taking into account the realities of the ongoing war in Ukraine and the visible attitude of many countries aimed at increased spending in the field of defense budgets, there is a real chance to enter new markets and increase export revenues in the coming years,” said Sebastian Chwalek, CEO of Poland's PGZ defense contractor.

State-owned PGZ oversees more than 50 companies that produce weapons and ammunition — from armored personnel carriers, to unmanned aerial systems.

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