Easy Christmas Soup Recipes Grandma (Almost!) Didn't Share

We all knew that Grandma could be a sneaky lady at times, but to withhold her best easy Christmas soup recipes? A true *cluthes pearls* moment. These recipes cover every base from a reliable, slightly more formal Christmas Eve soup recipe to the easiest use-up-those-holiday-leftovers soup recipes. Looking for a Christmas tomato soup recipe? Try the Roasted Tomato-Eggplant Soup with Garlic Croutons. On the hunt for Christmas vegetarian soup recipes? It shouldn't be a surprise that Grandma had a few of those stashed in her recipe box too. And of course, it only makes sense that she had plenty of Christmas ham soup recipes. What can we say – Mama (and Grandma!) always knows best when it comes to feeding a crowd and keeping even the hungriest family members happy.

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