'That was easy!': Harris gets COVID-19 vaccine

Harris received the Moderna Inc COVID-19 vaccine from a nurse wearing a mask and a face visor at a medical center in predominately black southeast Washington. She said her husband Doug Emhoff will also receive the Moderna vaccine on Tuesday as well.

"I barely felt it," Harris said, laughing, after receiving the injection in her upper left arm.

"I want to encourage everyone to get the vaccine - it is relatively painless ... it is safe ... it's literally about saving lives. I trust the scientists."

Senator Harris, who is Black and Asian-American, will become the second high-profile person from an ethnic minority background to receive the vaccine after Surgeon General Jerome Adams on Dec. 18.

Video Transcript

KAMALA HARRIS: OK. Hello. [INAUDIBLE] Good morning. OK. Let's do it.

- All right. Ready?

KAMALA HARRIS: Yeah, I'm ready. That was easy.


Thank you.


KAMALA HARRIS: I barely felt it.


KAMALA HARRIS: I barely felt it.

I have now been vaccinated. As Joe likes to say, there's a big difference between the vaccine and vaccinations. I want to encourage everyone to get the vaccine. It is relatively painless. It happens really quickly. It is safe. The Moderna, the Pfizer-- today I had the Moderna vaccine. My husband is going to have it today as well. I look forward to getting the second vaccine.

And literally this is about saving lives. It's literally about saving lives. I trust the scientists, and it is the scientists who created and approved this vaccine. So I urge everyone, when it is your turn, get vaccinated. It's about saving your life, the life of your family members, and the life of your community. So thank you.