Eatonville police detective accused of battering woman during Christmas gathering

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An Eatonville Police Department detective is facing a battery charge for allegedly joining a group of four people who “jumped” a woman after an argument during a Christmas Day gathering last year, records show.

Detective Brodrick Lampkin has been placed on desk duty pending the outcome of the misdemeanor charge filed in May by the Orange-Osceola State Attorney’s Office and an internal review, according to EPD Deputy Chief Joseph Jenkins.

Orange County court records show that a lawyer for Lampkin, 37, submitted a not guilty plea during an initial hearing. His attorney, Jaya Balani, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

According to an incident report, a Daytona Beach woman told Orange County deputies that she was preparing a holiday dinner at a home in Pine Hills when an argument occurred over her jacket going missing with her wallet inside.

One woman allegedly threw trash in the victim’s face then began to hit her, the report said, before two other women “jumped in.”

While the woman was on the ground, “she was kicked several times in the head and side,” the report said.

A witness told deputies that Lampkin and another man, identified in the report only as “Butchy Boy,” pushed the woman down as she tried to get back up.

Lampkin, who previously acted as the department’s spokesperson, is also a “COPmedian” under the stage name “Brody Love” and regularly performs a standup routine at venues in Central Florida, according to his website.

“By day he’s a real hero, an award winning, life saving cop, and by night he’s a national touring, kick ass, joke slaying, non stop laughter, action packed, and high energy comedian that will leave you wanting more of his cop stories, relationships struggles, and issues with being over weight,” his website says. “He’s super hilarious and like no other comedian and cop you’ve ever seen.”

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