Eboni K. Williams Responds To Nene Leakes’ Claim That She Doesn’t Know Her

The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Nene Leakes pulled a Mariah Carey move when she told the hosts of The Breakfast Club that she didn’t know The Real Housewives of New York alum, Eboni K. Williams. The remark came during a segment where Leakes claimed there are not many housewives on any franchise she considers to be stars. Apparently, she believed Williams was one of them. While co-hosting the morning radio show on her own, Williams released receipts that Leakes does know her.

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Per Deadline, Leakes tried to prove a point by saying current Housewives cast members are “starless.”

She told DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God, “Like, these girls on these shows. They’re just not stars. If you really look at it, all of the stars that were on any of these franchises, they took them off and everybody that left is starless,” she said, before noting there’s a difference between someone being known and being famous.

While noting such can be subjective, Charlamagne tha God asked if she thought Williams was famous.

Leakes responded: “I don’t know her either. Is she famous or is she known?”

Williams joined the show the next day and had tons to say in response. Not only did she pull out her phone to show direct messages from Leakes to herself via Instagram, Williams also noted they had a “lovely” conversation.

Furthermore, the lawyer said Leakes used her in her lawsuit against Bravo for fostering a racist work environment.

“I was named in NeNe’s legal complaint. I’m actually a named person as an example of the racial discrimination that she alleged Bravo of participating in,” she said. “She cites my example [with] what I went through with Ramona [Singer] on camera. So, the court documents say you do know me NeNe.”


Leakes hasn’t responded to Williams’ revelation.