ECB's Bonnici says Greeks must decide if they want to stay in euro

MILAN (Reuters) - Greeks must decide if they want to remain in the euro when they vote in a crucial referendum on Sunday, European Central Bank governing council member Josef Bonnici said on Thursday. In the referendum, Greeks will say whether they are in favor of a cash-for-reforms proposal from Athens' international creditors which the government has called a humiliation and is urging voters to reject. "The question of the referendum is whether they want to be with the euro," Bonnici, who is head of the Maltese central bank, told reporters at an event in Milan. Asked if the ECB would stop supplying emergency liquidity to Greek banks if the 'no' vote wins, he replied: "Let's wait and see what the result is." (Reporting By Valentina Za and Elvira Pollina, writing by Gavin Jones; Editing by Crispian Balmer)

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