Ecotone Opens New Location In Swissvale

The startup turns food waste into renewable energy.

Video Transcript

- A new startup is looking to turn food waste into renewable energy. Ecotone Renewables opened in Swissvale this weekend. This is the work of undergraduate students from Pitt and CMU. With this facility, they will turn food waste from local restaurants and people into renewable energy and liquid plant fertilizer. It's used in community gardens, farms, and houseplants. Their goal? Keep waste out of landfills and help others at the same time.

DYLAN LEW: Right now, 40% of all produced food is wasted. And we can take measures to reduce food waste, but there's always going to be a certain amount of food waste. So our system here is a decentralized system that processes 10 tons of food waste a year on site. So our vision is to build a decentralized grid of these systems throughout the Pittsburgh region and eventually across the country.

- You can drop off your food waste starting on Thursday. And if you want to buy some of the soil, head to Ecotone's website. We have a link on