Eddie Hearn: “Logan and Jake Paul are not boxing”

Matchroom’s Eddie Hearn speaks out about Jake Paul’s impact on boxing and the need to put on the biggest fights possible to compete for fans attention.

Video Transcript

- I want to jump right into Demetrius Andrade. I mean, look, you were in rare form after the fight, you know, expressing yourself. But I have a real question. Did you really forget Jermall Charlo's opponent's name there, or were you being--

- Yeah.

- Or was it [? subliminal? ?]

- No, I did. No, I did. I mean, look, I just-- we're in a really interesting time for boxing, right, where, you know, you've got this other crazy world that's trying to enter our space and our zone, right, which is the social-media world, the celebrity world. So we're under threat. We're under pressure as a sport.

- Well, you're partly responsible. You're partly responsible for that, starting that, bringing that world into boxing. [LAUGHS]

- There's nothing wrong with it.

HOST: Right.

- There's nothing wrong with it. It's just not boxing, right? So it's not-- it's not the boxing we know. So unless we start making the big fights, this is going to become more of a norm. Because the people who pay, i.e. the platforms, are going to look at the numbers from this other world and say, well, actually, that's outperforming boxing. So when I look at things like Jake Paul and Ben Askren, we can all laugh about it and say, that's just ridiculous and [INAUDIBLE].

If it's doing numbers, our sport's under threat. Because we have to come up with compelling fights. We have to show people how great our sport is. And for all of those people sitting home moaning and [? fighters, ?] oh, you know-- yeah, well, guess what? You're going to have to step up. And you're going to have to have big, compelling fights.

And when I look at Jermall Charlo against Montiel, I go, that is a classic example of why boxing may be under threat for fights like that. Champions fight champions. That is what is supposed to happen. And I'm sick and tired of excuses. You make us an offer. We accept it, right? We make you an offer. You choose to accept it. But we make the fight. It's absolute [MUTED]. Terence Crawford, Errol Spence, all of these fights, that's what's killing boxing.

- I remember when it was Wilder and Joshua we was trying to put together. And you said, you know, I guess maybe the blame falls a little bit on us, a little bit and on them. But this particular time, where does all of the blame fall? Because if you're saying that-- I understand Charlo and Demetrius Andrade. But it seems like it would be easier to make like a Munguia and Andrade or Golovkin and Andrade.

- Yeah. I said the same thing. Listen, [INAUDIBLE], you know I've worked with a lot of people, right? So it's hard to [? call ?] like-- but I did almost call Golovkin [INAUDIBLE], right, and say like-- Gennady Golovkin is a big favorite, in my opinion, to beat Demetrius Andrade in a fight. Don't get me wrong. It's a really tough, compelling fight. But Gennady is 100% the favorite in that fight.

Now, Gennady is looking at a Murata fight on December the 31st. We're in April, right? I would like to see Gennady Golovkin fight Demetrius Andrade late summer, unifier, then fight Murata, unify again. Then you could have an undisputed fight between Golovkin and Charlo. And again, like I'm not calling Gennady out. But that's what I believe Gennady should do.