Eddy County redistributes money for new landfill trailer

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A budget reallocation of $120,000 allowed Eddy County’s Public Works Department to secure an extra bottom dump trailer for the Sandpoint Landfill east of Carlsbad.

Eddy County Public Works Director Jason Burns said Eddy County’s Board of County Commissioners approved the purchase of a semi-truck and one live bottom trailer during the current fiscal year.

“Public Works has procured these approved items under budget, and is requesting approval of one additional live bottom trailer to supplement the volume of waste being handled at the Sandpoint Tipping Station that is currently in operation,” he wrote in a memo to commissioners.

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Burns said a truck already used at the landfill was renovated for use.

“So, we don’t need the additional truck, and this is for the new tipping station that we have out there. It’s working very well,” he said during the Dec. 7 Eddy County Board of County Commissioners meeting.

“We have all of the dump trailers that we see from the oilfield coming in on that tipping station. What we’re trying to do now is get the rest of the City (of Carlsbad) trucks down to that and keeping them off the top (of the landfill).”

Eddy County crews work to pack trash at the Sandpoint Landfill east of Carlsbad on Oct. 18, 2021.
Eddy County crews work to pack trash at the Sandpoint Landfill east of Carlsbad on Oct. 18, 2021.

Live bottom trailers use a conveyor belt to offload materials, according to the A&G Road Cleaners website.

“Perfectly suited for uneven terrain and low overhead work areas, a live bottom trailer or walking floor trailer rental is able to discharge an even flow of materials, making tasks like laying down asphalt much smoother,” read the Canadian company’s website.

Burns said the trailer currently used at the landfill cannot keep up with the volume of trash brought to the tipping station.

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“So, it’s getting overloaded,” he said.

Mary Garwood, executive director of Keep Carlsbad Beautiful, said Eddy County and the City of Carlsbad share operational costs of the Sandpoint Landfill.

"It’s super important to have updated modern equipment to handle the waste that comes in to our landfill and solid waste stations. If we have broken down outdated machinery, the materials run the risk of getting backed up all the way to service days for our trash truck operators," she said.

Garwood said Carlsbad and Eddy County needed to stay on top of handling refuse material at the landfill.

"So the waste disposal stream is as uninterrupted as possible. Sometimes it includes the spending of large funds on equipment to make that happen," she said.

Burns said the new tipping station allowed Eddy County residents to dump trash and waste at the bottom of the landfill without having to drive a dangerous dirt road to the top while avoiding heavy machinery packing the refuse down.

“The discharge permit allows for only so many vehicles at the top of the face at one time. So, we bring those off and it speeds everything up,” said District 4 County Commissioner Steve McCutcheon.

Eddy County Commissioner Steve McCutcheon Oct. 21 at the 2021 Carlsbad Energy Summit.
Eddy County Commissioner Steve McCutcheon Oct. 21 at the 2021 Carlsbad Energy Summit.

The tipping station opened in late 2021 as construction started during the summer.

“This speeds everything up,” McCutcheon said of the tipping station.

Burns said the tipping station allowed Eddy County “to get more life out of our landfill and we’ll get better compaction.”

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