Edinburgh's pub goers drink to the 'mother' of the nation

STORY: Britain's King Charles pledged to follow the example of his mother Queen Elizabeth in devoting himself to duty, during a solemn address to the nation on Friday, in which he also spoke of his love for her, and for his wife and children.

Referring to the new king's speech about loyalty, love and respect, Ben Lesley who was having a drink with his father, said "Let's hope he acts on it and is as good as his mother. I mean it's hard to live up to, and to live in her shadow but hopefully he can make a good go of it himself."

Philip Lesley said he was "so touched because of the way he called them Mama and Papa".

"I'm looking forward to seeing what King Charles III is going to do for this country. I mean his mother was an amazing person, one of the best. There will never be another Queen Elizabeth II, never ever be! She was absolutely a wonderful woman, reminds me a lot of my mother," the senior Lesley added.

"When I talk to younger people they all say, you know Charles should step aside and let William be King, he should step up. But I think that is a very difficult to say because his mother was about duty and tradition and he was to step aside for his son then that flies in the face of everything that she stood for," said Natalie Barb.

Edinburgh, home to Holyrood, the Queen's official residence in the city's capital and some three hours from Balmoral will host the Queen lying in state for several days.

Security will be high and most roads in the centre closed as the funeral procession takes the coffin from Balmoral to Holyrood, to St Giles' Cathedral before going on to London.

It is expected that the public will be allow to pay their respects in a file past.