Edison State's tuition waiver aims to help career tech students

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Jan. 24—Edison State Community College is offering a 100% tuition waiver for qualifying high school students who have completed certain advanced or career-tech coursework.

College President Doreen Larson said the waiver will cover students at Edison State's partner high schools — all high schools in Preble, Darke, Miami and Shelby counties, including career-tech education centers, as well as home-schooled high schoolers.

The new program would allow students to complete the first two years of a four-year degree with no tuition cost, she said.

To qualify, students must take several steps, including completing at least six credit hours through any of three programs: — College Credit Plus is Ohio's dual enrollment program, which provides students in grades 7-12 the opportunity to earn college and high school credits at the same time by taking courses from Ohio colleges or universities. Courses are offered at the high school, at an Edison State campus or online. — Articulated coursework guarantees that classes completed at the high school or career center will count as credit toward a specific degree program when a student transfers to Edison State. These are typically career-technical courses offered at the career center or high school with an equivalent college-level course at Edison State. — Career-Technical Assurance Guide (CTAGs) are advising tools that assist students moving from Ohio secondary and adult career-technical institutions to Ohio public institutions of higher education. CTAGs are coordinated through the state.

In addition to completing those credit hours at a partner institution, to qualify for the 100% tuition waiver, students must submit a major declaration form; register for summer, fall, or spring semester classes immediately after graduation; file their FAFSA financial aid form; and stay enrolled until the completion of their degree or 70 total credit hours.

Students receiving the waiver will have 100% of their tuition covered, which includes instructional, general, technology, activity, and career services fees. Any financial aid awarded to the student will be applied to those expenses first. Lab fees for individual courses, security fees, textbooks and additional fees will be the students' responsibility, Edison State said.

"Edison State highly values students who take on college-level work while in high school, and we want to encourage them to continue their college career with us," Larson said.

Andrea Francis, a spokesman for Edison State, said the college has previously assisted high school students with different waivers, but this is the first time the college included career-tech students.

She said if students do not complete their degree, they are not then responsible for the costs of tuition.

Edison State said the program is funded through the college's own funds and was paid for because more students were able to attend the college.

For more information, visit www.edisonohio.edu/waiver or call 937.778.8600.

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